Creating an Internal Communication Strategy

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February 2018


Internal Communication Strategy

Creating an Internal Communication Strategy offers the opportunity to build a stronger organisation with a unified workforce.  Contributing to better engagement and increased productivity, an Internal Communication Strategy can empower staff and highlight the value of their role in line with the company’s objectives.

But how do you create one?

To create an effective Internal Communication Strategy, best practice starts with the preparation and planning stages including:

Review and Report

Review the current structure and communication of the company, identifying how key messages are communicated, what employee perceptions of key strategies are, channels used and where communication currently sits.

Identify your audience

Understanding your audience and the environment they work in will help you engage and communicate more effectively.  Consider reviewing locality, role positioning and previous campaigns used to integrate strategic messages.

Internal Communication Strategy, Silke Brittain, ClearVoice, Bedford, strategy, internal communications, strategy, management, employees,Objectives

Define the objective of the Internal Communication Strategy; what are you trying to say, who are you targeting and how will you communicate with them?  Each objective should be SMART (simple, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) and should close the gap between current perceptions and the desired outcome.

Implement & succeed

Plan & schedule

Create a Communication Strategy that encompasses the business strategy, details of your target audience, objectives, channels and processes which will be used to deliver key messages.  Most importantly establish a schedule that will highlight when and how the objectives and outcomes will be measured.


One of the most important steps in delivering a successful Internal Communication Strategy is getting everyone on board who is directly involved in the implementation of the strategy before the details are shared and made public.


An Internal Communication Strategy will always require measurement, assessing what works, whether the objectives were met and what could be improved for next time.  Ensure that measurement is carried out regularly and coherently.

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