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How to build a positive culture

People thrive and perform at a much higher level in organisations when a positive culture is prominent, promises are honoured and transparency is achieved.
Their performance is directly related to the trust they have in the organisation, senior leaders and managers and the behaviours they exhibit.

can lead to
10% higher

(Gallup, 2015)

Building a culture of trust and values takes time and for it to be a success, key messages need to be consistent. Leaders and managers in businesses need to recognise and reward desired behaviours, share information, listen and respond to ideas and suggestions, and, most importantly, take positive action.

We can help you achieve this through engaging your audiences in setting and reinforcing behavioural expectation; defining, living and breathing your values; recognising and rewarding behaviour; inviting ideas and suggestions and motivating and implementing performance improvement programmes.

ClearVoice™ are experts in delivering employee communications and engagement solutions. To read, see or hear more about building a positive culture in your company, why not take inspiration from our stories or email us for a free one-to-one consultancy session with one of our experts? Let us help you create an engaging environment for your workforce!


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