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Every organisation needs a compelling and credible story that crystallises its purpose, where it has come from and where it is going.
It needs a clear direction; a brand strategy with an authentic and aspirational message that people can associate with; want to own and feel passionately about.

A 15% increase
in engagement
correlates to a
2% uplift in

(Towers Watson, 2008)

The business strategy needs to reach out to all employees, stakeholders and channels; it needs to inspire and motivate them to give their best; and ensure they are empowered and enabled to actively participate in the journey of change for growth and achievement.

We can help you achieve this. We run strategic workshops, audit your communications, conduct employee engagement or pulse surveys, facilitate focus groups; or gain insight from qualitative or quantitative research. At ClearVoice™ we listen, gain insight and help you understand your stakeholders. This enables you to plan, develop and implement your strategy and deliver cultural change; meeting your objectives and achieving your business goals.

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Find out about how we listen to your employee voice and engage your workforce in sharing their experiences, ideas and suggestions, how we recognise and reward them or be inspired by some of our work.


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Read about our knowledge and expertise on organisational integrity and how we build a culture of trust and values, set behavioural expectations as a catalyst to change and recognise and reward performance.