Effective HR communication: strengthening the barrier

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September 2017


How are you delivering effective HR communication?

Effective HR communication has become a direct result of fundamental changes in employee communication and engagement strategies.  This has significantly changed HR department’s approaches and altered expectations of that role.

From integrating and adapting culture changes, to managing, recruiting and developing leaderships and engaging employees across all departments; communication has revolutionised the HR role. Today, HR departments focus on the structure and strategic direction of an organisation, encompassing effective HR communication channels, which engage and interact with multi-generational audiences.

The evolved role; achieving effective HR communication

As channels migrate into quicker and more responsive platforms, HR and communications are evolving into roles which facilitate two-way interaction between employees and leadership.  As information becomes readily available at the click of a button, HR departments are having to adapt channels which engage, communicate and feedback, resourcefully and effectively.

By considering the age range of audiences, managing communication expectations and digital evolution, HR has evolved, including the recruitment process.  From social media platforms to mobile apps the recruitment process represents the overall employer brand and its values.

HR – the backbone of an organisation

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Communication channels which encourage and focus on two-way interaction have become inherently favoured internally and externally.  This has strengthened the relationship between HR and Communication departments, resulting in the delivery of effective HR communication.

As HR and Communication departments evolve into roles which are responsive and integrate similar strategies to interact with their audiences; companies will inexplicably, show positive results through employee engagement, successful recruitment, talent retention and change implementation.

HR is not just the backbone of an organisation, they implement, encourage and deliver communication to the entire population of your company.  How are you communicating with your HR departments?

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