Privacy Notice 

At ClearVoiceTM (a division of Mass Integrated Marketing Ltd, company number 02836468) we take the security and privacy of your data very seriously. Our privacy policy explains how ClearVoice uses your personal information, explains what information is obtained and how it is stored in accordance with GDPR. It also provides an overview of our data security measures which are continuously maintained, adhered to and how you can obtain details of your personal information.

Unless otherwise agreed with you, we only collect basic data about you which does not include any special categories of personal information. This information does include your name, business/company name, work address, email address(es), social media address(es), phone number(s) and job title/role or profession.

Who is ClearVoiceTM

ClearVoiceTM is an employee engagement and communications consultancy that provides services and solutions to improve your organisation’s productivity and growth by inspiring, transforming and motivating your workforce.

Our registered office address is at Brigham House, High Street, Biggleswade SG18 0LD.



What specific information is obtained? 

Our website does not collect specific, detailed information about you as a visitor to our site.

Where information is gathered, we will inform you of this along with the explanation of why it is required. This information will be for purposes such as responding to an enquiry made and we will ask for this information in order for us to get in touch and provide the relevant information which has been requested from you.

Are any payment details stored? 

Payment card details are not stored by ClearVoiceTM and would be used solely for individual transactions to which they have been provided for, for example to pay for attendance at an event or workshop. Additionally, customer details are not shared with any 3rd parties. The website does not capture any payment information.

What information is retained? 

Cookies and tracking software are used on a temporary basis and expire when the site has been left. These are used for purposes such as continually improving our website and user experience. Google Analytics is used for the reason of website improvement and understanding how you use it. This information is not shared with anyone.

By using the website, you are consenting to the use of cookies to retain session information for the purposes listed above. This information is held in your web browser and is removed at the end of your session. Upon visiting the website, there is a link to view the Cookie Policy and stop browsing the website.

The information we collect and hold via Analytics software is the following:
• Browser used (Bing, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.)
• Location (based on IP address)
• Gender
• Age group
• Site searches
• Device(s) used
• Frequency on website
• Session duration (time spent on the site)
• Page(s) visited
• Page session duration (time spent on specific page)
• Web Surfing Behaviours


Customers, Suppliers and Partners

We hold information about customers, suppliers and partners as it is necessary for us to conduct our business activities. For this purpose we use a CRM system and an email platform and their privacy policies can be found here:

What personal information is held? 

The personal information we collect and hold is the following:
• Full Name
• Company Name
• Company Address
• Company Website Address
• Job Title/Job Role/Profession
• Email Address(es)
• Social Media Address(es)
• Phone Number(s)
• Initial Enquiry
• Area of Expertise/Interest

This information may be linked together with what has already been gathered (as stated in the “what information is retained?” section).

How is this information used? 

We want to give you the best possible experience with us. Any personal information will be used for the purpose of keeping you updated with news with a legitimate interest relating to our business activities. Examples of this includes invitations to relevant events; confirming meetings, dates, projects or services; news articles and blogs; responses to enquiries, emails, queries, complaints or other communications; business contracts, invoices and all communications relating to projects and services provided by ClearVoiceä; relevant personalised communications such as offers and updates on products and services with a legitimate business interest; market research questionnaires or surveys with the intent of improving our products and services or communications required by law or to protect our business from fraud or illegal activities.


Are any payment details stored? 

Payment card details are not stored by ClearVoiceTM and would be used solely for individual transactions to which they have been provided for. Additionally, customer, supplier or partner details are not shared with any 3rd parties.

How long will the data be kept for? 

For a reasonable period of time after you have stopped being an active customer, supplier or partner, we may continue to contact you with information relating to our products and services. We deem a reasonable period of time to be three years after a project has been completed. After this time, the data we hold will either be deleted or retained providing you have asked us to do so.

Who will the data be passed to? 

This information will not be passed on to anyone other than authorised employees of ClearVoiceTM in the United Kingdom and relevant processors for example a company or contractor sending material on behalf of ClearVoiceTM. Please be aware that your information may be securely stored on a cloud based system whose servers are located within the UK.

What is the reason for holding/using the information held? 

While you are a customer, supplier or partner of ClearVoiceä, the basis for processing your data is a ‘contract’ or ‘project’. When you are no longer an active customer, supplier or partner of ClearVoiceTM the basis is ‘legitimate interest’ as we would like you to once again order services/products from us or work with us.

We may use your details for the purpose of creating a profile to gauge decision making. For example, using information held, we may create profiles based on the following:
• Email Address
• Telephone Number
• Geographic Location
• Job Title/Job Role/Profession
• Area of Expertise/Interest

We need to know basic personal data in order to provide you with the services you have engaged us to provide and to assert our right to be recompensed in return for these services as per the agreement we have with you. If you do not provide this information then we will be unable to provide the services you have requested. We will not collect personal data from you that we do not need in order to provide and oversee the services we have agreed to provide you with.

Data Subject Rights (Subject Access Request, Erasure, Rectification) (How can I see/change or delete data )
• You have the right to ask for information we hold for you (Subject Access Request) which will be provided free of charge and if requested, can be presented in a spreadsheet based format
• The data we hold will be corrected when we are notified of errors
• Information we hold for you will no longer be processed if requested to do so
• Information we hold for you will be deleted if requested to do so. It is possible we may contact you at a later date as we will hold no record of you
• For any Change of Details notification, please email with any change requests.

How can I contact ClearVoiceTM

If you have any queries about our privacy policy or wish to update or remove any of your personal information you can find the relevant details on our contact page here or email us here.

If you would like to raise any issue regarding this policy to the ICO, please visit

This privacy notice is a non-exhaustive summary of how we collect and use personal information, including the personal information obtained via this website. However, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed. Any requests for this should be sent to the address below. The contents of this notice will be reviewed periodically, and any changes will be posted on this page, therefore you are advised to refer back to it from time to time.

Our office address:
ClearVoiceTM, West Park Studios, Wilstead Hill, Haynes, MK45 3RD



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