Intranets – a powerful digital tool?

How intranets can improve employee engagement

Intranets work as a collaborative platform that contain information specific to a company and can only be accessed by its employees.

A well-thought out intranet site can be a powerful digital tool that can help boost productivity and engagement.  It can also serve as a central hub of company information and resources that can help employees do their jobs, quickly and easily.

The benefits of intranets?

Intranets have a catalogue of benefits.

From cutting administration costs to supporting employees within a centralised digital workplace, intranet sites provide a key role in building an inclusive and engaged culture within the company.

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The value to HR departments

Intranets can have a significant, positive impact on key HR objectives through their ability to support, develop and communicate the employer brand and contribute to the overall employee experience.

Royal Mail and Tesco are great examples of how employee focused platforms can strengthen the employer brand and provide a wholesome employee experience.  Dedicated to staff, the sites provide valuable insights, colleague focused offers, company news, uniform order forms and exclusive employee login points which lead to confidential hub areas.

Integrating HR processes, Royal Mail’s intranet site aptly named also provides online access to employment policies, health and safety processes, share offers and business standards.

Tesco’s intranet platform,, gives colleagues a central hub of staff-focused information including magazines, internal product and service promotions, community and charitable events and administrative documents including pay slips and business conducts.

A resourceful tool

Intranets considerably reduce administration costs and resources by centralising information to one area instead of across a multitude of internal servers, cloud-based platforms or even relying on one allocated body.

It also has the capacity to improve roles, expand employee engagement, strengthen employer brands and migrate company policies and procedures.  As a result, creating tangible benefits for HR departments and overall strategies.

Giving employees a reliable, dependable and resourceful digital platform.

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