What is it all about?

We like to think that our decisions are based on rational thought but research by leading professors and researchers of behavioural economics tell us that 77% of our behaviour is based on emotion and only 23% on reason. Understanding how rational thought and emotions work within your organisation’s culture to drive decisions and change behaviour is essential if we want to engage employees and stakeholders in your organisation.

“We use this
knowledge to
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Silke Brittain, MD, ClearVoice™

Our approach combines rational thoughts with emotional thoughts to drive higher levels of employee engagement. By bringing the left and right brain together our experts take your people on a journey of engagement that progresses from:

  • Momentary Engagement of awareness and understanding of a business need “Hearing It” to
  • Conceptual Engagement of acceptance and believing in a business need “Believing It” to
  • Emotional Engagement where your employees actively promote and advocate a business need
    “Living It”

Our experts apply this model to identify how best to shape and deliver your employee communications and experience. Our approach to achieve this is based on our 8 step process…

  1. Define. Objectives and vision
  2. Listen. Research, audit and analysis of communication, audiences and channels
  3. Establish. Outcomes, goals, personas, measurement
  4. Devise. Strategy, positioning, channels, message
  5. Plan. Communication, audiences, creative, brand look and feel, digital platforms
  6. Engage. Leaders, managers, employees, stakeholders, toolkits
  7. Measure. Performance, recognise and reward, surveys, analytics
  8. Refine. Review and redefine goals


…it almost goes without saying that we spark conversations across all media channels whether offline, online, in print, on social or digital, in pictures on video or tv

…and not to forget the old-fashioned and very effective way – face-to-face!


77% Emotional
23% Rational